O3 Log Viewer

O3 Log Viewer

A log viewer for the Joomla! Administrator.


Use this admin-only module to get a listing of log files in the logs folder for your site. View each file line-by-line, or use the Search to find specific words.  No file size restrictions!  Open files of any size!

  • 1 Year Duration
  • $10.00 Price

Features for every admin user, no matter the role:

For Admin Users with restricted access For Site Maintainers and other Super Admins For Site Developers and Publishers
Download and email specific log files when requested by your web developer. Monitor correct site operation. Quickly obtain access to log files needed for troubleshooting.
Search for email addresses to ensure registration and other emails are being sent. Check that emails are being sent. Avoid logging in via ftp every time you need to view a specific file.
  Ensure log files are being rotated regularly, or ensure log files are NOT being created and taking up space.  
  Delete files if outdated, or when they become too large.  
  Purge files periodically by backing up and deleting.  

Installs a button on the administrator status bar for quick access. Can be changed to other positions, and styled to your liking.


 List view shows a listing of all files in the logs directory.

Logfile view provides complete access to file contents.  Search for keywords, set and save bookmarks, download or purge file.

Additional Features

  • No practical file size restrictions.  
  • Enable and disable specific features from displaying in the module, such as Download or Purge.
  • Restrict access to specific features using Joomla module access permissions.
  • Fully supports Isis template layout overrides.
  • Explicitly prevents access to files outside of the Joomla! logs directory.

For the List View

  • View file names, sizes and modified dates.
  • Sort by name, size and date.
  • Download single or multiple files with just a click.
  • Purge files - rename to a sequential backup file.
  • Delete files - permanently remove from your server.

For the Logfile View

  • Search the file for specific text, such as email addresses.
  • Copy and paste lines into emails and other documents.
  • Set and save bookmarks in specific log files.
  • Download or purge the currently viewed file.
  • Set the number of lines to display per page - for large files, you can view a small number of long pages or a large number of short pages.